On Monday, June 17th 2019, I was welcomed by the Hispanic Roundtable’s Board of Directors to provide live graphic recording at their 2nd Annual Latinx Community Summit.

Having set up my recording to the side of the podium, I realized what a privilege it was to be one of the honored participants in the presenters’ offerings: stories, we know, have a special ability to transform someone’s way of thinking and way of being.

As I stood and listened deeply to hear what was being said – and what was not being said, the message between the lines – I felt generations upon generations of resilience pour forth from the speakers’ stories onto my paper – what a gift to be a channel for that strength!

The core of the Hispanic Roundtable’s work is building a strong Latinx community through education, partnerships, community-building, and cultural representation. During the Summit, I could see every aspect of their work in action, and I think four words sum up the sense of unity that coursed through the group toward the end of the day: many hearts, one community.

Thank you to the Hispanic Roundtable, their esteemed speakers and presenters, and all Summit participants for granting me the opportunity to leave on paper the soul-warming spirit of the day.

If you would like to learn more about the Hispanic Roundtable, please visit http://hispanicroundtable.org.

If you are interested in having a visual recording of your community event, please start a conversation with Amber Huffstickler about your interest at ahuffstickler@gmail.com.

Leadership Team Member and Graphic Recorder Amber Huffstickler at the 2019 Latinx Community Summit